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#46 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 08.09.2012 22:48

@vanq: ah ok now I understand and i sidnt know that about d3 so ill try better next time, thanks!

@alireza: thanks, but you didnt play that bad for your lag! Keep it up man

#47 RE: Hello :) by Vanquish 08.09.2012 22:50


It doesn't matter much as I said - we won, so it's all fine.

#48 RE: Hello :) by DamDam 16.09.2012 11:45


Just so all applicants know, the aim of an application is to be as active as possible, if the applicant does not make his application active & "alive", its ofc not gonna end well.
However, i can understand that school started and it's not always easy to play AC because of real life priorities, but if possible, try to still post the times when you're online or post any screens of you playing so we can play or at least know that you care/are still interested in this app.
Cheers !

#49 RE: Hello :) by Alireza 16.09.2012 13:27


Quote: _DogNut wrote in post #46
@alireza: thanks, but you didnt play that bad for your lag! Keep it up man

No no... I played like a shit!

#50 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 17.09.2012 17:46

I've come up to a seriouse irl problem and also school's in my way a bit so could I pause my app and when everything gets better I'll come back and continue? I'd really appreciate that and hope you understand :S I hope this won't end up like the aG app xD but ye I'm relaly sorry I couldn't tell you earlier and sorry for wasting your time but I hope I'll be back soon It's a game I enjoy and you are people I like
so I'm really really sorry and I really really hope you understand

//alw3rt :p

#51 RE: Hello :) by Vanquish 17.09.2012 18:07


So you want to withdraw your app for now?

#52 RE: Hello :) by 17.09.2012 19:47

I understand . We can move your app to "Applications Withdrawn" and we wont Close it but when you feel you are ready to come back or if your ever chose to it will be their for you. Unless you join another clan or apply .

#53 RE: Hello :) by Vanquish 17.09.2012 21:46


Just post here (it's moved to "Denied/Withdrawn" as you technically withdrew, but we'll keep it open) and you can resume your app as normal whenever you want.

Remember you still have one F1 for trial (mine) and no votes against you. GL in real life Honza (hope you don't mind me calling you that), hopefully everything will work out and we'll see you back soon.

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