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Hey guys, I'm sure some of you know me and have played a few games with me, but I believe I should officially introduce myself to you guys.
My real name is Travis, address me with my real name if you please. I currently am in high school as a senior, and plan on attending UMBC to continue my education as a mechanical engineer (or so that's what I believe I'll stick with), I enjoy my science and math classes, and am more oriented around chemistry and calculus. I play "futbol" or whatever you guys call it... Soccer, haha. I also play lacrosse and enjoy playing a little bit of basket ball, however, I am white and my handles are not quite as nice as my "nagger" buddies. haha I enjoy comedy movies and tv shows, and love the stupidity of spongebob. I have a girlfriend of about two years soon, she's a nerd as am I, and she plans on becoming an elementary school teacher because she loves kids, a characteristic I lack. I can't stand to babysit kids or whatever they call it, "nourishing". I love cars and think my little 02 Honda civic stick shift is a nascar with a different frame. I love racing it even though it's fairly slow and senior citizens dust me in their mini vans and Fiats... Lastly, I enjoy hard rock music, for example the band Story of the Year, but once bands start screaming that's usually when I turn it off.
So, hopefully you guys will be seeing me around more often, and will have more opportunities to play with me. Take care guys, and don't refrain from telling me a little bit more about yourselves also. I'd love to get to know each of you... Well besides Damdam and Xemi....

#2 RE: haste by 26.04.2013 02:24

hola . My old clan mate!

#3 RE: haste by Vanquish 26.04.2013 06:07

Hey, welcome to the forums, and nice introduction.

I don't really play much AC anymore but I can force myself if you really, really need me to. You played pretty well in the inter I spectated though.

Btw, we call it "football" in the UK.

#4 RE: haste by Hosta 26.04.2013 06:39


Nice introduction
Welcome haste ;-)

#5 RE: haste by Marti 26.04.2013 11:26


sup haste


#6 RE: haste by ShadowFlameZ 27.04.2013 04:44

inb4 xemi's getting lonely as the only 'murican :P

#7 RE: haste by clpS* 27.04.2013 16:15


Welcome here

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