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#1 Apping ^^ by DrooL 29.08.2012 17:38


Your in-game name : DrooL
Your real name (optional) : Alex
Your age : 17
Country and timezone : USA -5:00 GMT
Can you speak fluent English?: Si
Previous nicks/aliases : None
For how long have you been playing ? Around 6 years now I believe
Previous clans ? Reason why you left? : All of my previous clans have pretty much died. |KpS|, legacy, eR, ect.
Have you ever been blacklisted ? Never!
Favourite map/mode and weapon(s) ? Des3- long RVSF fav. Weapon: AR.
Why do you want to join our team ? I want to start playing AC again and you guys look like an awesome team already also got a few sugguestions to join from Vanq, rofl, and others
Do you have TS3 and a mic? I am talking to you all right now xD
Which member, if any, invited you to apply? Vanq, rofl (even though he isnt a part of the clan), Marti and I believe that's all.
Any extra information ? I'm slightly homophobic.
Screenshots showing your skill level :

gg best game in the history of AC.

hope I win

#2 RE: Apping ^^ by Marti 29.08.2012 17:39



#3 RE: Apping ^^ by DrooL 29.08.2012 17:44


<3 yay!

#4 RE: Apping ^^ by _DogNut 29.08.2012 17:45

Nice! Good luck

#5 RE: Apping ^^ by yopa 29.08.2012 17:48


yay :*

As I got some problems with my pc atm, I can probably not play with u in the close future :/ Try and be as active as u can around 4/5pm -10/11pm European time if possible (?)...


#6 RE: Apping ^^ by Vanquish 29.08.2012 18:15

AW MAH GAAAAAD YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

wanna play with you asap

#7 RE: Apping ^^ by Alireza 29.08.2012 19:06


Good Luck Drool!

You were in legacy?!

#8 RE: Apping ^^ by Tiest0 29.08.2012 19:47


Good luck. (:

#9 RE: Apping ^^ by 29.08.2012 20:01

good luck!!

#10 RE: Apping ^^ by DamDam 29.08.2012 22:14


Good luck for your apply Drool !

#11 RE: Apping ^^ by DrooL 30.08.2012 00:05


ty ty ty all! I was in legacy yes for a short amount of time. I started doing drugs and went MIA unfortunatly. I'm drug free now

Can't wait to play you all

#12 RE: Apping ^^ by Marti 30.08.2012 10:42


lets play another epic game today

#13 RE: Apping ^^ by DrooL 31.08.2012 01:32



#14 RE: Apping ^^ by Marti 04.09.2012 16:07


DroooooL post some more ss's

#15 RE: Apping ^^ by DrooL 06.09.2012 03:00


Sure thing! I have been saving them up for a while.. I just want to get like 3 or 4 more :p

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