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#46 RE: Apping ^^ by Vanquish 24.09.2012 22:37

That's hawttt. ;3

#47 RE: Apping ^^ by ShadowFlameZ 24.09.2012 23:42

Big and obnoxious.

I think you'll fit in here :3.

Ehehe jk @ the big and obnoxious part...or am I? \

#48 RE: Apping ^^ by Cemer 28.09.2012 01:23

oh woah you are still here

accept him already hes exactly like you

#49 RE: Apping ^^ by DrooL 30.09.2012 17:17


Like ^

#50 RE: Apping ^^ by ShadowFlameZ 01.10.2012 23:39

Haven't been on these forums in over 24 hours.
Drool is still applying.
Why's he not accepted yet.
I blame Vanquish.

#51 RE: Apping ^^ by 02.10.2012 01:48

Everyone please stop posting useless comments on "why isnt he accepted" and "why isnt he in yet". Each of us will vote when each member is ready to vote. Some of us havent had enough time to spend with him and didnt play enough matches. I understand it is a long process but have you seen a application that is going fast? Just please stop posting this kind of stuff, its getting a little annoying, at least to me.

#52 RE: Apping ^^ by DrooL 02.10.2012 03:46


I love how everyone is so excited for me to be in the clan xD

#53 RE: Apping ^^ by DamDam 02.10.2012 07:44


+1 to Xemi, it is actually quite annoying.
Afaik in OUR clan, WE're still the one deciding whos in or not, and.we are grown and experienced enough to make a proper decision on Drool's case.
So Cemer & Shadowz apart from wishing him good luck, i dont really think you have anything to say about whether he should be in or not.

As for Drool, we gotta catch some more games together this weekend if possible! And yea remember an application lasts long so dont get over excited, and be patient

#54 RE: Apping ^^ by ShadowFlameZ 02.10.2012 23:14

Lol, we're not judging you or anything - so serious o_o.
Only jokes, nothing foserial.

#55 RE: Apping ^^ by DamDam 03.10.2012 06:57


Not only serious things are annoying, those “jokes“ are also boring/annoying

#56 RE: Apping ^^ by DrooL 08.10.2012 03:37



#57 RE: Apping ^^ by Hosta 08.10.2012 06:11


Hey wake up !

#58 RE: Apping ^^ by ShadowFlameZ 08.10.2012 14:29

Quote: DrooL wrote in post #56


#59 RE: Apping ^^ by DrooL 19.10.2012 01:08


i love you all.

#60 RE: Apping ^^ by DamDam 30.10.2012 17:55



After some long time thinking about your case, we came to the conclusion that we're going to deny your application.
You might not want to believe it, but this was the final decision we took.
As a group, we voted, some hesitated and some changed their mind.
In the end, we all decided that you would not be one of us.

We all sincerly wish you the best in your further AC career, and thank you for taking the time to get to know us and spend time with .rC|
- The .rC| team.

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