#1 vs Fra (1-2) by DamDam 12.05.2013 14:31


.rC : Vanquish, Mystered, DamDam
Fra : Harrek, Sanzo, YoungStud

Our pick CTF ac_desert3 :

Well, we did really good on this one, as you can see on the screenshot, well played

Their pick CTF ac_gothic :

Bah, what a frustrating game, we were tied on frags at 1:30 mins remaining, and then we conceived a late decisive flag... too bad :/

Tiebreaker CTF ac_shine :

Not very coordinated on this one, need to work on that, they were better.

GGs Vanquinoob, Mystouche & Fra !

#2 RE: vs Fra (1-2) by Vanquish 12.05.2013 14:39

smg ftw!

#3 RE: vs Fra (1-2) by Mystered 12.05.2013 17:13

Intense match, i love matches like that, when its really close ! Great games, looking forward to another game like this

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