#1 vs FD* (2-1) by DamDam 17.05.2013 23:06


.rC : Xemi, Mystered/DamDam
FD : Biggunz, Gazda

Their pick HTF ac_werk :

Well well well, loads and loads of mistakes and it won't lead nowhere against FD*. We really need to work on that, even if it's a narrow loss.

Our pick CTF ac_desert3 :

Mystered had troubles with fps & his mouse, so I jumped in. Nice teamwork with xemi, even if they played good, we were clearly better.

Tiebreaker CTF ac_shine :

Hell yeah, back 2 the basics ! Even tho screenshot doesn't really show it, we had an early lead, but we conceeded some stupid flags. In the end we kept on a +5 marge to win this

GGs FD & Xemi

Additional funny screen (kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk) :

#2 RE: vs FD* (2-1) by Vanquish 17.05.2013 23:09

GGs, nice capture of his rage lol

#3 RE: vs FD* (2-1) by Mystered 17.05.2013 23:15

Dat epic rage quit from me, i had fps drops and that made my mouse lag, and restarting my pc didnt change anything found the problem now kkkkkk

#4 RE: vs FD* (2-1) by Marti 17.05.2013 23:21


FD match server, what else?

#5 RE: vs FD* (2-1) by BigGunZ 18.05.2013 02:22

Quote: Marti wrote in post #4
FD match server, what else?

I used to dislike playing at 200 ping but the FD servers are pretty nice.


P.S. Could someone change my name to BigGunZ pls?

#6 RE: vs FD* (2-1) by Vanquish 18.05.2013 08:23

Your name has been fixed

Also I like FD servers too, I lag there so I get huge advantages over everybody else (this might seem sarcastic but I really like it because whenever I fire bullets my pj jumps to 60 meaning it's harder to hit me). I honestly don't understand why some people complain so much, they're my favourite servers second to hlin.

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