#1 vs |oNe| (2-0) by Vanquish 19.05.2013 16:06


.rC|: Vanquish/DamDam, Mystered, Xemi
|oNe|: Larry, Xenon, Bunny

DISCLAIMER: The following match report is complete bullshit, I'm hyper on energy drinks atm. If you take it seriously you need to rethink your life a little.

They picked power, we were down 3-0 and were like "OMFG WE'RE SHIT PLAYERS", but then we calmed ourselves, and I stepped up and started sticking my cock in oNe's ass and getting some flags. Truly I was MVP of this game, I crushed everyone, my brilliance outshines the sun. Nah but in all seriousness, it was pretty close.

We picked werk, and DamDam was like "omg vanqui u suk can i play 4 u pls phag" so I was like "k" and then he was like doing all kinds of sick jumps and tricks and shit, and got 71 kills ("omgwat he was so good, are you sure it wasn't vanquish playing with damdam's name? no! i'm sure!", and even tho larry was lagging during the game we did well and had literally no trouble during any points of the game, except when bunny started headshotting people. good games

"I've always had a passion for speed. But I treat every ride as a record breaker. But I won't let pain slow me down. Nurofen 200mg pain relief tablets contain ibuprofen for pain relief. Always read the label"

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and i should probably stop drinking energy drinks lllol

#2 RE: vs |oNe| (2-0) by Pyras 19.05.2013 17:16


I laughed hard reading this lol.

The fuck kind of energy drink did you drink?

#3 RE: vs |oNe| (2-0) by Marti 19.05.2013 17:35


Some weed energy drink perhaps?

Oh and you CANT outshine The Martinator!

#4 RE: vs |oNe| (2-0) by Vanquish 19.05.2013 17:39


Pyras, not even joking, but I drank "pussy". It's an energy drink in England.

#5 RE: vs |oNe| (2-0) by yopa 19.05.2013 22:26


Liquid pussy.. Wow

#6 RE: vs |oNe| (2-0) by C4rma 19.05.2013 22:34


The only type of pussy that doesn't scare Vanquish.

#7 RE: vs |oNe| (2-0) by Vanquish 19.05.2013 22:38


It actually tastes awful :/

#8 RE: vs |oNe| (2-0) by Marti 19.05.2013 23:06


Then dont drink it lol

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