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#1 Kity app by Kity 31.08.2012 20:08

Your in-game name :Kity
Your real name (optional) :Chloé
Your age : 14
Country and timezone :GMT+1
Can you speak fluent English?:Yes , i can speak but i write better
Previous nicks/aliases :kity@
For how long have you been playing ? 5 years but 3 real years
Previous clans ? Reason why you left? : AcP ( end team ) xW ( 2 years in that team is too much lol ) i was trying team like LC , BoB , aG ,AW.
Have you ever been blacklisted ?No
Favourite map/mode and weapon(s) ?i like SMG and assault rifle , Ingress , urban D3 , Depot a bit , shine
Why do you want to join our team ?Because I know everyone in this team , u're everyone my friend and hosta is my cousin .
Do you have TS3 and a mic?Yes , you all hear my voice
Which member, if any, invited you to apply? i don't think he invited me , but Hosta telle me your team i was very interessing
Any extra information ?
Screenshots showing your skill level :

#2 RE: Kity app by Tiest0 31.08.2012 20:16


Welcome here, good luck Kity. (:

#3 RE: Kity app by Kity 31.08.2012 20:26


#4 RE: Kity app by Million 31.08.2012 20:28

Good luck Kity :P

#5 RE: Kity app by Vanquish 31.08.2012 20:30


Hello, GL for your app. You can find us on TS3 every day, ggs today but I was lagging and playing really bad.

I'd like to play more with you when my connection stabilizes - clanmatches/intras/1v1s, that sort of thing.


#6 RE: Kity app by Kity 31.08.2012 20:33

@Vanquish , When u want , i'm every time there

#7 RE: Kity app by _DogNut 31.08.2012 21:22

Gl kitty <3

#8 RE: Kity app by yopa 31.08.2012 22:14


Heyhey! was kind of expecting this one too :P x)

Try and be active, ask us for games, be in our ts channel and talk with us

I would like to get some games with u, yes but I can only play in weekdays as I'm at home in weekends :/

GL kity

#9 RE: Kity app by Marti 31.08.2012 22:28


0.o why did u cancel ur BoB app??

#10 RE: Kity app by ShadowFlameZ 01.09.2012 00:38

Kity posted saying...


I decided for some reasons some people know to quit my application in BoB , because team going inactive , and my app take too much time so , gL all

In response, Optic posted, saying...


Kity. your app was taking time maybe cuz you werent actively posting. Cya

Haittah then piggy-backed off that, saying


so right, younger players need to understand that they cannot get all for nothing... some effort is needed
best of luck

#11 RE: Kity app by 01.09.2012 03:35

GL kitty!!!

#12 RE: Kity app by Marti 01.09.2012 11:19


lol gl,

but they were right though

#13 RE: Kity app by clpS* 01.09.2012 12:56


Gl Kity

#14 RE: Kity app by Kity 02.09.2012 02:01

I don't understand Haittah's post, I'll check it later. Marti; the reason I closed my app was simple - my cousin Hosta is in this team. We both have great teamwork together, and for a long time now I've wanted to be in the same team as him. Because I was afk, my skills got a bit worse and thus I knew I wouldn't join BoB. I wrote this with my iPad, so if I've made a mistake I'm really sorry x) FUCK IPAD

#15 RE: Kity app by Kity 02.09.2012 02:03

And i know they were right

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