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#16 RE: Kity app by Marti 02.09.2012 11:31


Haittah means that even if u are so skilled, nothing comes without effort, and that without an active application u wont join them. Its like school, you have to do something to earn something. In his opinion young players havent learned this lesson of life.

#17 RE: Kity app by Kity 02.09.2012 11:33

Now i understand ty marti

#18 RE: Kity app by Kity 02.09.2012 21:06

a little 1vs1 with Hosta, at the first time , i beated him but after he actived his hack and so finally he beated me ( sure i'm joking , Hosta is a good player <33333

Gg Hosta <3333 xD

#19 RE: Kity app by Vanquish 16.09.2012 07:49

It's been two weeks since you posted anything and I haven't seen you on TS much if at all - are you planning on continuing this application? :s

#20 RE: Kity app by DamDam 16.09.2012 11:44


Just so all applicants know, the aim of an application is to be as active as possible, if the applicant does not make his application active & "alive", its ofc not gonna end well.
However, i can understand that school started and it's not always easy to play AC because of real life priorities, but if possible, try to still post the times when you're online or post any screens of you playing so we can play or at least know that you care/are still interested in this app.
Cheers !

#21 RE: Kity app by yopa 20.09.2012 18:05


Move it to denied/withdrawn? as she haven't posted in ages? neighter replied on damdam's message

#22 RE: Kity app by Vanquish 20.09.2012 18:06

Application denied.

Reason: inactivity.

Feel free to reapp when you have more time to play AC and actively contribute to a clan environment. All the best

- The .rC| team.

#23 RE: Kity app by Hosta 20.09.2012 18:28


I forgot to say Yesterday ( because I only see her wednesday ) that she would like to withdraw her apply because of school etc..

She didn't expect a deni . so can you put it in Withdraw

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