#1 Heya! by Sp33dy 12.06.2013 12:52


Hello everybody Well, Sp33dy is around here again. I took a big break from AC, because I wanted to enjoy real life more Not sure if you guys know me, but yesterday I met yopa. He's really cool guy. So, I decided to say hello and of course wish best of luck for this clan.

I'll introduce myself a bit. My real name is Arvydas and I live in Lithuania. Im pretty young, just 17. Love sport, especially football. I started to play AC in first days of 1.0 (played older versions too, but not very often). Im part of |3i| clan and will stay there forever, even thou our members are inactive

#2 RE: Heya! by yopa 12.06.2013 13:30


Heyy there sp33dy, and welcome to our forums

Nice to see u back in the game, and I hope u'll stay :P

#3 RE: Heya! by Marti 12.06.2013 14:01



Wasssuuuup? Long time no see since IAF!

#4 RE: Heya! by Vanquish 12.06.2013 14:29

Hey! My friend Skaelos (you probably know him as Anvil) told me a lot about you, nice to see you around and back to AC again.


#5 RE: Heya! by Sp33dy 13.06.2013 08:21


Ye, hope to see you more in game people

And Marti, really really really long time Hope to see more old faces like yours

#6 RE: Heya! by Mystered 13.06.2013 11:43

Yooooooooo Sp33dy im your ex clan leader xD (r|D :p) wassup bro ?

#7 RE: Heya! by Jorik 13.06.2013 13:05

Hey Sp33dy, it was always great to map with you! Welcome back.

#8 RE: Heya! by Bigbaddy 14.06.2013 08:17


#9 RE: Heya! by ShadowFlameZ 14.06.2013 14:48

You were in eR right?

#10 RE: Heya! by Sp33dy 15.06.2013 09:44


Ye im the same guy from |eR|

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