#1 vs w00p| (2-0) by yopa 14.06.2013 02:11


.rC| : Xemi, yopa
w00p| : Dam, Newbie

We picked werk, where we did really well! Some stupid mistakes like teamkill with flags :3

They picked gothic.. Well this went really well. The fact that we hadn't played together in ages didn't affect our teamplay!

GG xemi, always a pleasure to play with u

#2 RE: vs w00p| (2-0) by 14.06.2013 02:17

Really, Funnest game I had in a while gg!

#3 RE: vs w00p| (2-0) by Mystered 14.06.2013 12:49

Niiiice Nice to see newbie back too, every player counts in AC xD

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