#1 vs {BoB} (2-1) by Vanquish 28.06.2013 20:28


.rC|: Fluttershy, Xemi, DamDam
{BoB}: Haittah, Wolf, Enam

Well they wanted the ac-akimbo.net servers, and for some reason my hitreg with AR feels much less cheaterlike than on hlins/xenoob/etc servers, so I was playing smg and pushing in left side via the house. DamDam was pushing via the top-right side, and Xemi was defending and supporting through the middle area. We had a slow start but we developed an amazing rhythm of flagging towards the end that allowed us to pull a huge victory.

They picked ingress, we had a slow start but pulled it back to be in our favour. We were leading the game by one flag and frags, and allowed them to come back - what a joke.

Then shine was proposed for tie. I don't think we played badly, they were good, especially in their seemingly impenetrable defense. Nevertheless we defended pretty well ourselves, and seemed to always be on guard for times when they were attempting to sneak.

ggs, wp

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