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#1 Robtics by Robtics 22.07.2013 09:55


Your in-game name : Robtics, rob
Your real name (optional) : Folke
Your age : 18
Country and timezone : Germany, GMT+1/2
Can you speak fluent English?: yes
Previous nicks/aliases : none
For how long have you been playing ?: five years!
Previous clans? Reason why you left?: =RA=, |NR|, |BC|, DES|, |#LC*|, .aG*, =MyS=
Have you ever been blacklisted?: no
Favourite map/mode and weapon(s)?: AR, I have no favorite map - there are a few I enjoy
Why do you want to join our team?: this teams aims are the same like I have ingame and has many members I know and like to play with
Do you have TS3 and a mic?: yes
Did any members invite you to apply, or was this your idea?: Vanquish and Pyras helped a little
Any extra information?: I know how to use the map editor (, I am acwiki editor
Screenshots showing your skill level: will post the screens taken during the app process

#2 RE: Robtics by Vanquish 22.07.2013 09:58

GL, you know my vote. I'll post some screens for you when I get back home.


#3 RE: Robtics by Pyras 22.07.2013 10:12


You already know my vote bro


#4 RE: Robtics by Marti 22.07.2013 11:04


Viel Glück! We should play some games when im back home

#5 RE: Robtics by Robtics 22.07.2013 11:26


thx vanquish and pyrat!

marti, yeah we should! hopefully tonight but I cant promise it, I dont know when I'll be home again later yet

#6 RE: Robtics by Honor 22.07.2013 11:30

Wow, good luck man

#7 RE: Robtics by Shieldybear 22.07.2013 11:42



#8 RE: Robtics by Robtics 22.07.2013 12:08


I'd F1 you instantly Brockle, no worries! :*

#9 RE: Robtics by Vanquish 22.07.2013 12:26

These are the only games I have with you atm, well played.

#10 RE: Robtics by Marti 22.07.2013 13:26


Sadly im on holidays untill the start of acwc, so our games have to wait a while haha

#11 RE: Robtics by ShadowFlameZ 22.07.2013 15:24

Dat k/d lol. You fucking smashed us (at least me) in that inter. GL

#12 RE: Robtics by yopa 22.07.2013 17:30


Hey there rob I wish u good luck on ur app, even though I think u wont really need it :p

#13 RE: Robtics by Robtics 22.07.2013 22:21


thx for the screens! and I didnt know Oracle was ShadowFlameZ ... :o I dont think we ever played each other?
thats the spirit yopa takk!

#14 RE: Robtics by 23.07.2013 00:58

Hellloooo! I hope to play some games with you! You can find me on rC Teamspeak and also the w00p, though I am always on the rC teamspeak (not always the w00p). Good Luck

#15 RE: Robtics by Robtics 23.07.2013 12:44


I have only been on rC TS twice so far but you never never there :P on woop tho! btw: could someone activate me on rC TS so I can actually use it?

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