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#16 RE: Cr0wN by Cr0wN 02.08.2013 07:28

others inter,3zHoS6i,zLolD6w

#17 RE: Cr0wN by Cr0wN 03.08.2013 06:03

others inters with Xemi damdam and vanq,05aumbY,CgNcQrT,Z1PaZ2I,4yarQjs
WAZAAA is xemi

#18 RE: Cr0wN by Cr0wN 04.08.2013 06:16

some inters with rC players,W8gg254,FQ3GCiz...nmSGui8,B5ezAHE
Can someone tell me how my app is going?

#19 RE: Cr0wN by DamDam 04.08.2013 17:49


Well considering we can't tell you the votes which are privates, we can only tell you "good" or "bad" which genuiely has no meaning...
You're going in 5 days, and will be away until next christmas holidays.

You may understand (as I already explained to you) that we're very unlikely to accept people to put them as MIA directly, but who knows...
Keep posting and keep us updated from your situation so we can have a judgment on your case

#20 RE: Cr0wN by Cr0wN 05.08.2013 21:56

inters with brs,DMk00Ic,gdxAQCx

#21 RE: Cr0wN by Marti 05.08.2013 22:06


Lol, the guy had 7 frags??

#22 RE: Cr0wN by Cr0wN 06.08.2013 17:45

inters with rC members,sUOrGkR,PrjA0JI,p1MVYz8,woXRhaU
Was nice games

#23 RE: Cr0wN by Cr0wN 06.08.2013 21:24

some nice inters and a 1v1 vs Homer,jJgyOqV,uuJsFrT...h09wsJs,bGpxELr

#24 RE: Cr0wN by Vanquish 08.08.2013 01:03

Congratulations Cr0wN!

After a relatively quick vote, we have decided you have what it takes to become a trial member. This means you may have the appropriate privileges on our Teamspeak server, wear our tag with a [T] or the tag .rC?, and additionally you should be able to see a small part of our private forum. Let us know if you have issues with any of this, and best of luck for the next step!

- The .rC| team

#25 RE: Cr0wN by Cr0wN 09.08.2013 01:57

Hey guyz
As I said, I will be again mia and since I am not in the clan, I will close my app for now and maybe re-oppen it when I would have time.
Thanks to all the members, espcially Xemi

#26 RE: Cr0wN by Vanquish 09.08.2013 11:50

cya, gl elsewhere

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