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#1 Application ShaKaw by ShaKaw 15.08.2013 23:33


Your in-game name : ''ShaKaw
Your real name (optional) : Mateus
Your age : 15 years
Country and timezone : GMT -3 , Brazil
Can you speak fluent English?: No, but I do speak a little
Previous nicks/aliases : F!ghteR and ''ShaKaw
For how long have you been playing ? 3 years and 2 months
Previous clans ? Reason why you left? : .:Sj, .aK, |aCe| and App in uRs and {BoB}. I left these as I was thinking of making app in another clan by no longer having a good relationship with some players and I applied in urs but decided to look for a clan best in terms of skill and aCe | fail.
Have you ever been blacklisted ? Never!
Favourite map/mode and weapon(s) ? AR (Assault Rifle) and SMG.
Why do you want to join our team ? Have good players and they seem to be pretty tight ^ ^
Do you have TS3 and a mic? Yes and I can communicate
Did any members invite you to apply, or was this your idea? My idea per se that is a good clan.
Any extra information ? No.
Screenshots showing your skill level :

#2 RE: Application ShaKaw by .Condy 15.08.2013 23:34

Good luck my friend ;D

#3 RE: Application ShaKaw by Vanquish 15.08.2013 23:41

Nice screens, best of luck!

#4 RE: Application ShaKaw by Marti 15.08.2013 23:43



#5 RE: Application ShaKaw by 16.08.2013 13:40


#6 RE: Application ShaKaw by ShaKaw 16.08.2013 23:13


#7 RE: Application ShaKaw by ShaKaw 17.08.2013 16:59




I'm bad in Shine :Z

#8 RE: Application ShaKaw by Vanquish 17.08.2013 17:04

Really impressive games, you were an awesome teammate.

#9 RE: Application ShaKaw by 17.08.2013 18:47

wow, very impressive. I hope to play with you soon.

#10 RE: Application ShaKaw by DamDam 18.08.2013 04:59


Same as Xemi, I'm looking forward to play with you soon
Boa sorte pra sua app mano

#11 RE: Application ShaKaw by ShaKaw 18.08.2013 15:39



#12 RE: Application ShaKaw by ShaKaw 18.08.2013 16:38




#13 RE: Application ShaKaw by Vanquish 20.08.2013 02:04

ggs vs =MyS= today, 2-0 win.

#14 RE: Application ShaKaw by Vanquish 20.08.2013 02:04

Congratulations Shakaw, you have really impressed us so far, and thus have made it to the trial phase.

You may now wear the tag with a [T] at the end of your name, or the tag .rC?, as you choose to do so. You will also have additional rights on our Teamspeak server and you should be able to see a small section of our private forum. During this time we will monitor your behaviour, activity and progression. Continue like this and good luck for the rest of your application!

#15 RE: Application ShaKaw by ShaKaw 20.08.2013 03:26



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