#1 rofl's app by rofl 20.08.2013 20:13

Your in-game name: rofl, previously Cthulhu
Your age: 20s
Country and timezone: UK
For how long have you been playing? since early 0.93
Previous clans? Reason why you left? legacy, oNe and others. ask me for the reasons if you don't already know
Have you ever been blacklisted? nope
Favourite map/mode and weapon(s)? CTF desert3
Why do you want to join our team? to get matches, because i'm friends with many of you
Did any members invite you to apply, or was this your idea? xemi and pyras have asked me in the past
Screenshots showing your skill level: screenshots of me in the past show various skill levels so i won't post them. i used to be a very strong player, but i'm mid skill with potential now. get some matches with me to see how i am now

#2 RE: rofl's app by Friteq 20.08.2013 20:33

Gl bra

#3 RE: rofl's app by Mystered 20.08.2013 21:29


#4 RE: rofl's app by DamDam 20.08.2013 21:40



Didn't really expect that lol

GL for your app

#5 RE: rofl's app by rofl 20.08.2013 22:12

cheers everyone. as you can see i'm fairly bad at the moment

#6 RE: rofl's app by Marti 20.08.2013 22:48



if u are also going to app in my sauerclan i will officially report you as a stalker!


#7 RE: rofl's app by ShadowFlameZ 20.08.2013 23:27

GL lorenzo

#8 RE: rofl's app by DamDam 24.08.2013 18:28


Hi, because your application is inactive and because we don't think you have much interest into joining us, your application has been DENIED.

Because of the way we work/practice and our idea to respect & play with each other, we don't think you would fit into the group, but feel free to reapply if you ever decide to change and think you could be a good addition to the team. Good luck in the future

- The .rC| team.

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