#1 vs =MyS= (2-0) by Vanquish 22.09.2013 00:06

.rC|: Fluttershy, ShaKaw
=MyS=: PiToN, BunnySoul

We picked ingress, our fragging was superior and this allowed us to coordinate ourselves easily, bringing us a nice win.

Then they picked d3. This was harder as they were positioning themselves really well against us, and it made pushing really difficult at times. I made one or two bad mistakes but Shakaw played great and this allowed us to take a comfortable win.

GGs, GJ ShaKaw and well played =MyS=.

#2 RE: vs =MyS= (2-0) by ShaKaw 22.09.2013 14:09


GG .rC and =MyS= , Good job Vanq. Excuse my errors mainly in D3.

#3 RE: vs =MyS= (2-0) by Vanquish 22.09.2013 14:19

Most of the errors were mine, it was midnight for me when we played and I wasn't so focused

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