#1 vs xW-# (4-0) by Vanquish 24.09.2013 23:00


.rC|: Fluttershy, Homer/iDani
-xW-#: Ap0x, Edward

We picked werk, our synchronization was good but our team awareness needs some work. I don't think I've played this with iDani vs anyone in about six months though, so I guess we did well.

Then they picked gothic, this was a bit harder. We were always leading the game, but it was close at the start. I tried to play a more offensive role from left side and it seemed to work as we began to pull away the gap in flags.

After this they asked for a rematch (although Apox wanted Friteq to sub for me kkkkkk), and iDani didn't want to play more so I called Homer-J. They picked urban. Well this was really tricky actually, I was starting to go long and I was dominating at first, but then Apox's random nades came from nowhere and kept gibbing me repeatedly so I started to lose focus, we were actually losing in parts of the game. There were a lot of interesting flag battles, mostly with Homer holding the flag and positioning himself really intelligently and then me attempting to recover the flags. After an epic flag battle where I hit one to low hp, baited myself and died, Homer took advantage of surprise and killed both and recovered - this gave us new-found momentum which allowed us to get the win.

Then finally myself and Homer picked shine, awesome teamwork from us, it was really a complete pleasure to play with Homer here, he was awesome. Nothing to say. :P

ggs, well played iDani/Homer-J + xW

#2 RE: vs xW-# (4-0) by Homer-J 25.09.2013 18:57

GGs , it's so easy to play with you, really

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