#1 vs w00p| (2-1) by Vanquish 02.11.2013 17:23


.rC|: Vanquish, Marti
w00p|: Redbull, Horus*

They picked mines. We were doing really well at the start and we were in fact even leading for some time. I was holding Horus off on the left side pretty nicely until suddenly, Redbull started sneaking past us everytime and kept taking our flag. While we were discussing how he got through and where he may be, Horus was able to kill us due to our disattention allowing Redbull to score easily. Thus the scoreline pulled further and further in w00p's favour.

We didn't know what to pick, so we ended up going with swamp. We didn't play well since we had no idea what to do, we just wanted to test a new map. We somehow won.

Then shine was offered as a tiebreak, and we accepted, being nice and giving them RVSF. This game was close throughout, we were never dominated and we were never dominating. Our teamwork was not bad honestly, we were well-coordinated and this coordination translated to frags when Marti switched from smg to AR and started riflesprinting away with their flag. We scored our last flag in the last minute and managed to hold until the end of the round (fun fact: if there were 10 more seconds they'd have tied the match).

ggs gj

#2 RE: vs w00p| (2-1) by Marti 02.11.2013 21:11


In fact horus was like 2m away from the flag lol


Best way to win

#3 RE: vs w00p| (2-1) by Mystered 02.11.2013 23:14

G muthafuckin G (Trick2g <3)

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