#1 Million 4 Sauer by Million 23.11.2013 23:17

Hello nubs, cuz yopa invited me and i'm soo good at this game i'm here

- Your in-game name (include any notable past aliases) Million

- Your real name (optional) Paul

- Your age 18

- Your country/timezone France GMT + 1

- Can you speak fluent English? Nop

- Do you have TS3 and a mic? Yes

- For how long have you been playing? 2 hours at least

- Previous clans/reasons why you left

- Favourite map(s)/gamemode(s) Insta and I don't know maps :]

- Do you have an ogros account registered? If so, under what name? Nop

- Do you have an authkey? Ehh

- Some screenshots of games you've played I'l take screens

- Anything else you want to add <3 Yopa

#2 RE: Million 4 Sauer by yopa 23.11.2013 23:25



played a 1v1 insta@turbine

He has been playing sauer for 2 hours. Considering that he did great.
gl :*

#3 RE: Million 4 Sauer by Vanquish 23.11.2013 23:29


Slt, merci pour votre application. Nous aimerions que vous enregistrer une ogros account afin que nous puissions avoir clantag protection pour votre nom.

Tu joues bien pour precisement deux heures - bonne chance mec. Hope you get in.

P.S: Enjoy the french.

#4 RE: Million 4 Sauer by Honor 24.11.2013 09:43

Vanquish 4 french team

#5 RE: Million 4 Sauer by Vanquish 24.11.2013 11:57


Merci Honor, mon amour pour toi est aussi grand que le monde.

#6 RE: Million 4 Sauer by Marti 24.11.2013 16:18


Gl nub

#7 RE: Million 4 Sauer by Million 24.11.2013 18:59


Dat noob acc :]

#8 RE: Million 4 Sauer by Vanquish 25.11.2013 00:48


Million + yopa vs myself + C4rma.

Hilarious how we won both games in the last 5 seconds (last second on reissen) :')

#9 RE: Million 4 Sauer by Million 25.11.2013 11:47

The hilarious thing is my jumps habilities

I played two duel with Yopa but I didn't took screens, dunno if you have them ?

#10 RE: Million 4 Sauer by yopa 25.11.2013 14:33


Apparantly I forgot to take the effic one (I won by 10 kills iirc), but I got insta@ot :P F12 to take screens (U'll find them in documents/my games/sauerbraten)

Well done

#11 RE: Million 4 Sauer by Million 27.11.2013 11:54

A duel with KoreanHer0 :

First game in insta

Second one in effic

#12 RE: Million 4 Sauer by KoreanHero 27.11.2013 12:41

lol @ that 2percent accuracy for insta , i wasn't even trying lol

#13 RE: Million 4 Sauer by Vanquish 04.12.2013 21:33



We have been discussing your application at great length for some time, and we have come to the conclusion that we would like to freeze your application for now. You told us recently that you "don't think you'll stick with Sauer". Therefore, there is no point in accepting you, yet it's also no reason to be denied since you haven't done anything wrong. So what we're doing instead is closing it for now, just feel free to PM us and re-open it if you ever want to start the game again. Thx + cya

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