#1 Pubberry's Application (Sauerbraten) by Pubberry 30.11.2013 13:49


-Your in-game name (include any notable past aliases) Den!z, Jaquellz (Pubberry on my ogros.org account)
- Your real name (optional) Deniz
- Your age Im 17 years old.
- Your country/timezone Turkey (GMT + 2:00)
- Can you speak fluent English? Yes i can.
- Do you have TS3 and a mic? Actually i have a microphone but i dont have TS3(I dont know to use) ,I will download TeamSpeak3 next times..
- For how long have you been playing? 3-4 years, since 2009.
- Previous clans/reasons why you left? Red'clan,cix,mck all of them are died.(Because there was 3-4 members.)
- Favourite map(s)/gamemode(s) Effic , Insta , FFA ( Forge, Dust2, Akroseum, Authentic )
- Do you have an ogros account registered? If so, under what name? I was using Jaquellz, but i changed my nickname because it is a bit feminine, my ogros.org account is "Pubberry"
- Do you have an authkey? No
- Some screenshots of games you've played.

Sorry but im not sure about that, because i didn't get permission from my duel mates yet, but i can send you as private from IRC or pm.


#2 RE: Pubberry's Application by Vanquish 30.11.2013 15:00

Hello, welcome to our forum and thanks for the app.

Our IRC will be set up later today. Also it would be cool if you could download Teamspeak 3 (select the DL depending on your operating system) and then join our server at gb-rc.tk, no port, no pass. Someone will usually always be on to assign you the permissions.

You asked how the votation system works, so essentially, there is a poll held in our private forum, and when you get enough votes (there are only 3 of us atm so it's easy), you're in. The more you play with us the faster it will be.

GL + cya

#3 RE: Pubberry's Application by KoreanHero 30.11.2013 15:39

My friend Pubberry! We are both from McK !! Good luck with the application

#4 RE: Pubberry's Application by Marti 30.11.2013 16:15


iyi şanslar!

#5 RE: Pubberry's Application by KoreanHero 01.12.2013 06:51

Did you get that name from Bubberry? lol

#6 RE: Pubberry's Application by Pubberry 06.12.2013 20:33


#7 RE: Pubberry's Application by Vanquish 07.12.2013 01:46

wow ggs, you did better than me vs him on complex

#8 RE: Pubberry's Application by TheHate 07.12.2013 13:51


yeah that happens if u duel at 2 am in the morning

#9 RE: Pubberry's Application by Taksu 16.12.2013 11:08

Nice duel there, good luck!

#10 RE: Pubberry's Application by Pubberry 20.12.2013 09:44



#11 RE: Pubberry's Application by Pubberry 24.12.2013 10:34


It was 5-6 weeks ago.
(Sorry guys, i didn't get permission to share these screenshots.)

#12 RE: Pubberry's Application by Vanquish 26.12.2013 21:36

Hello. We are sorry to announce that your application has not been accepted. We appreciate the amount of time you took applying to us - the reason why it took us so long to reach a decision was simply down to the fact that we liked you, yet we never saw you make efforts to interact with us, either on IRC or TS3, the two main places that we gather as a team, and this made the decision that much harder for us.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope we can remain on friendly terms in the future.

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