#1 vs !s] (14-8) by Vanquish 08.12.2013 19:16

.rC|: TheHate, Vanquish
!s]: Sweeper, Agalloch

We picked forge, not perfect but we did okay, gg

They picked reissen, we had a shitty start but came back at the end and did a good job. Agalloch had to go at 5 seconds remaining, the screen is from before he left. ggs

After this, Marietto said he would sub Agalloch, but then Sweeper had to go. ggs

#2 RE: vs !s] (14-8) by Marti 08.12.2013 19:24


dat 2 frags lol

#3 RE: vs !s] (14-8) by Vanquish 08.12.2013 19:27

ye, it's reissen y'know, so he was just flagrunning

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