#1 shad's app by ShadowFlameZ 26.12.2013 23:21

If you want to apply, you just create a new topic in this application forum, and you should use this template:

- Your in-game name (include any notable past aliases): Oracle, ShadowZ, blast, tactics_asgard idk really - like C4 I don't really have a set name
- Your real name (optional): Some of you already know it
- Your age: 18
- Your country/timezone: EST
- Can you speak fluent English? Yerp
- Do you have TS3 and a mic? Yerp
- For how long have you been playing? Oh man, like since summer 2010 I think? Keep in mind that duration of play doesn't mean I'm good xD
- Previous clans/reasons why you left: uhhhh [tBs], good times good times, .me!, not so good times (a friend and I joined the clan for fun, but little did we know that at the time we joined the clan was about to die - I think it died like 2 days later due to infighting & stuff)
- Favourite map(s)/gamemode(s): tactics asgard (<3 Acuerta), nah probably ectf forge.
- Do you have an ogros account registered? If so, under what name? I'm pretty sure I have one under oracle, I'll have to check though.
- Do you have an authkey? Nope.
- Anything else you want to add: Decided to apply since a couple good friends from AC are here. Granted, I'm not the best, but I figured I'd might as well give it a shot, eh.
- Some screenshots of games you've played:

me/vanquish/acuerta vs brownie/lagout/art, 9-3 win ectf reissen. i'm "tactics_asgard": http://i.imgur.com/8FCNixw.png

#2 RE: shad's app by Vanquish 26.12.2013 23:26

haha dat screenshot, gg

#3 RE: shad's app by ShadowFlameZ 27.12.2013 04:01

Loooool dat subtle edit by vanq, gg

#4 RE: shad's app by Acuerta 27.12.2013 10:16


get a mouse already

#5 RE: shad's app by Marti 27.12.2013 12:59



#6 RE: shad's app by Million 27.12.2013 14:28

Y u no study ?

#7 RE: shad's app by TheHate 27.12.2013 15:52


nice one

#8 RE: shad's app by ShadowFlameZ 27.12.2013 15:56

Lol Acuerta - get a touchpad then we'll fight \

Million - First semester of year 1 just ended, I'm on break for almost 1 month (until near the end of January). Plus I'd like to think that I've sorta settled into the swing of things, so I can balance things out a bit.

#9 RE: shad's app by TheHate 05.01.2014 02:38


Happy birthday !!!!

#10 RE: shad's app by ShadowFlameZ 05.01.2014 17:16

Hey thanks bro

#11 RE: shad's app by ShadowFlameZ 05.01.2014 19:12

I've decided to withdraw, due to my skill & tactical knowledge being vastly inferior lol.
If I ever do get a mouse, I might reapply, if not, GGs, thanks for your time.

#12 RE: shad's app by Joran 05.01.2014 21:15

Gl hf with your further Sauerbraten career and with finding a mouse.

#13 RE: shad's app by Hutch 05.01.2014 21:21


There are $5 mouses available! anyways, wish you luck in the future!

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