#1 vs wp. (4-1) by Vanquish 03.01.2014 20:34

.rC|: Deluxe/Vanquish, Jorik
wp.: AiurZ, wtf?!

This is !Feed! renamed basically. You can see their homepage here.

We picked iCTF forge, mostly went well, gg.

Then they picked iCTF reissen, it was tricky - but gg.

We picked iCTF l_ctf. Frags were very equal the entire game and we had to change our strategies significantly in order to get a good win. gg

They picked eCTF forgotten. It was harder with our base, they did well though for sure. gg

Then as revenge Deluxe popped along so he subbed me and played iCTF face-capture. as always, gg

ggs, best of luck with the clan

#2 RE: vs wp. (4-1) by Jorik 03.01.2014 20:35

Good luck, well played!

#3 RE: vs wp. (4-1) by yopa 03.01.2014 22:11



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