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#1 Sparta AC noobie by SpartA 08.01.2014 20:55

Your in-game name : NotMe or SpartA
Your real name (optional) : Marcelo
Your age : 13
Country and timezone : UCT -6
Can you speak fluent English?: I guess I can speak a decent english
Previous nicks/aliases : Noone
For how long have you been playing ? 1 week tho.
Previous clans ? Reason why you left? : None (because I was bored)
Have you ever been blacklisted ? Nope
Favourite map/mode and weapon(s) ? idk, I've to get deeper though..
Why do you want to join our team ?Mostly because I need another game though beside sauer is my main game atm, maybe rC is too good atm for me to apply, but I can train, there are so much clans on AC (I guess), and you guys are the only ones I know that plays AC, I've a decent aim onh AC so far, maybe a bit of training and I'd be decent >.<
Do you have TS3 and a mic? Yup
Did any members invite you to apply, or was this your idea? My idea.
Any extra information ? Nah, I can answer any question by irc.
Screenshots showing your skill level :
No atm. I just remember I beat 2 B} members and one with a weird tag but I'll be posting screens soon though

#2 RE: Sparta AC noobie by yopa 08.01.2014 21:05


Quote: SpartA wrote in post #1
there are so much clans on AC (I guess)

Then you guessed wrong

gl tho

#3 RE: Sparta AC noobie by Joran 08.01.2014 21:20

Gl hf with your application and on AC.

#4 RE: Sparta AC noobie by Honor 08.01.2014 21:51

Good luck..

#5 RE: Sparta AC noobie by TheHate 08.01.2014 22:45


Gl Sparta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#6 RE: Sparta AC noobie by Vanquish 08.01.2014 22:54

Okay, good luck.

I guess I should mention that we're really not active in AC. Some of us are busy with studies, some of us play Sauer, and the rest (about 75% of the clan) are playing mainly League of Legends. If you're looking for a super-active team that plays every day, sorry but you've come to the wrong place. If you're serious about becoming a part of us because of the clan itself and not out of just wanting a team to play with, hang out on our IRC and TS3 (I guess most of the AC squad are just on TS3 though), bug them for games, blabla. Joining isn't an impossibility, just stay active and willing to improve.

However, if you're looking for a team that is active and plays every day, I would suggest for you to withdraw your application, since the majority of us will not be this active. I don't want to sugar coat it and it's not fair on you masquerading as though we're some kind of active clan. I haven't touched AC in over a month and don't have any intention of doing so in the near future. Therefore I'll make myself exempt from the voting process - others play much more often than I do. Best of luck if you're serious about seeing this through.

#7 RE: Sparta AC noobie by ShadowFlameZ 09.01.2014 00:04

But if they were to play, would his skill level be enough?


#8 RE: Sparta AC noobie by 09.01.2014 01:46

Didnt think I was ever going to see a thread about AC, wat.

Good Luck,

As vanquish said, most of us arent really active or interested in AC. But if your actually willing to improve and continue your app after knowing that we arent all that active, Im sure most of will be down to play some games. Recently my sound has been fixed, meaning I am more interested in playing. I dont know you to well and hope to learn more about you! Good luck once again.

#9 RE: Sparta AC noobie by Marti 09.01.2014 07:37


I play


#10 RE: Sparta AC noobie by Honor 09.01.2014 11:27

you're lying.

#11 RE: Sparta AC noobie by SpartA 09.01.2014 14:45

Vanquish as I told you weeks ago, Im not very interested on joining a very active clan on AC, at this point, Vanquish told me that rC isn't the most active clan on AC, but, the most guys that I know are here, my point :
I just want to play another game with "friends" when im bored about life *sauer* this doesn't mean that if I'd get in I wouldn't stay active, I help on what you guys need.

and ty for the gls

#12 RE: Sparta AC noobie by Vanquish 09.01.2014 15:59

Your dedication is heartwarming.

If you bug me about it I'll try to make a point of playing with you, simply so this app doesn't become too stagnant. And yes I forgot to mention, Marti is somewhat active in AC still.

#13 RE: Sparta AC noobie by Honor 09.01.2014 16:15 ( rC teamspeak) ( w00p teamspeak) ( Not sure about the connect ( BoB ts) )

Here you can find most of the best players ( me ) and play with us.

#14 RE: Sparta AC noobie by Marti 09.01.2014 16:15


i tried to 1v1 him but his ac client wouldnt start for some reason lol

#15 RE: Sparta AC noobie by TheHate 09.01.2014 16:43


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