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As the New Year has come and gone, we have been busy in Sauer on a rapid recruitment rampage. Please say hello and welcome to:

- Pyras aka Elite. : the first of three players formerly playing for the =MyS= clan. Also an ex-AC member of our team, we became a natural choice of team for the sexually overcharged Samurai - Godzilla's not the only thing he slays on a daily basis. Pyras will be sure to both wreak devastation in-game and liberate mankind from vaginas out of the game.

- Deluxe : An incredibly friendly guy who also has deadly aim shaped through experience in respected and notable clans such as at0m, w00p and more recently MyS. The Swiss insta god decided to join us on New Year's Day 2014, marking the dawn of a new year for the clan, and one that will begin with bloodshed.

- Joran : You ain't much if you ain't Dutch (unless you're Marti - ♥ ). Hailing from the Netherlands, and having previously played for clans such as mVa, eXc and noVI, this young talent brings formidable insta skill, creative strategies, and a great attitude to the team. His dedication to our team during his application was also especially commendable.

- Jorik : the last of three players formerly playing for the =MyS= clan. Like our previous recruit Pyras, he was also an ex-AC member of our team who parted on good terms with the clan and returned recently to start a new Sauerbraten experience with us. One of the few players whose deadliest weapon in-game is his brain, but couples his tactical expertise with stellar mastery of all the weapons Sauer has to offer.

And in other news, we've been invited to the Sauercom eCTF invitational cup and are intending to participate at a date which is yet to be confirmed. Watch this space!

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