#1 vs !s] (2-0) by Vanquish 14.02.2014 06:34

.rC|: Joran, Hutch, Vanquish
!s]: TheLove, Awesom-o, Sm0ri

They picked ectf dust2, we weren't so great and only managed to pull away in the last few mins. We were all being too defensive at first, so I tried to flag more in the last few mins, it seemed to work.

We picked ictf forge, same story although the lead we pulled was greater at the end.

After that, Awesom-o went to go smoke, and Hutch had to leave, and TheLove didn't want to 2v2 after that, so we all left.

I am tired of resizing my huge screenshots so I'll post the screenshots as attachments, tell me if you have trouble viewing them.

#2 RE: vs !s] (2-0) by Joran 14.02.2014 15:34

No rights to view the files.

#3 RE: vs !s] (2-0) by Hutch 14.02.2014 15:35


I'm having trouble viewing the screenshots as well

Although i didn't play very well at all, it was good to get a clanwar under my belt and have my first, be a win


#4 RE: vs !s] (2-0) by Vanquish 14.02.2014 16:10

sorry, fixed now :/

and you played fine dw x)

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