#1 vs w00p| (2-0) by Vanquish 20.02.2014 01:07

.rC|: Acuerta, Vanquish, Hutch
w00p|: Art, lagout, Fox

We picked forge. It was a very laggy game by all accounts, verging on unplayable. I'd like to say it was me lagging but I'm afraid it was the server, as Acuerta and Hutch complained about the lag too, however none of the w00pies did (tactical ddos by woop?). We did our best and managed to claim victory despite some shaky play.

They picked reissen. The lag was less obvious I think. We found it easier to pull a greater gap in the scoreline. We have some things we can improve upon, but it was mostly fine.

Then Hutch had to go shovel snow and either lagout or Fox went to go smoke (forgot who), so we left it there. The screenshots are posted as attachments again, ggs.

#2 RE: vs w00p| (2-0) by Hutch 20.02.2014 02:19


despite the lag, GGs

#3 RE: vs w00p| (2-0) by Elite. 20.02.2014 09:34


GGs mates.

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