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#1 vs .45| (3-0) by DamDam 01.03.2014 02:01


.rC| : DamDam, xemi, Mystered
.45 : Separ, Zillium, Qriz

Our pick CTF ac_werk :

Usual shit, resulting in spanks. We still the kings of that map mohahahaha, was fun to play. GJ guys, I carried (like always )

Their pick CTF ac_lainio :

We didn't really know the map but it's not very hard to get used to, and we got the good rythm pretty fast, wp.

Common pick CTF ac_desert3 :

Mystered & xemi teamkilled me or intentionally didn't return flags so I couldn't score thousands of flags, so mean. We failed many slashes but, still gg.

Despite being inactive as fck, the AC (dong)squad managed to find a nice clanmatch and it seems we're not that rusty and can still kick some asses
GGs guys & wp .45| !

#2 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by Sveark 01.03.2014 05:58

Good job

#3 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by yopa 01.03.2014 09:47



#4 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by Vanquish 01.03.2014 10:57

nice job, sorry I left, I had a powercut because of the weather x)


Quote: DamDam wrote in post #1
I carried (like always )

your ratios tho. so sexy

#5 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by Marti 01.03.2014 11:32


What is this???

rC playing AC? :o

Gg, very impressive DamDam, better scores after inactivity than while you were active <3

#6 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by Mystered 01.03.2014 13:54

Damnnnn AC is fun :O

#7 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by 01.03.2014 15:40

I had a really good time. Im thinking about playing ac more even though im on my laptop. gg

#8 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by Vanquish 02.03.2014 02:31

#9 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by 02.03.2014 03:20

Until we lose to them they have no reason to say this. I mean even in the d3 game we were even team killing and team bleeding eachother as damdam stated.

#10 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by Marti 02.03.2014 11:14


Its their own fault they have under 70fps

#11 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by Mystered 02.03.2014 16:40

rofl dem excuses, im sure we can easily beat their top line up whatever they say. And in addition i was completely stoned while playing this match, so if they want to find excuses we can do the same xD

#12 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by DamDam 02.03.2014 16:58


#13 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by Vanquish 02.03.2014 16:59

damdam come to ts we're losing to oNe

#14 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by Mystered 02.03.2014 17:09

im finishing this english work and im omw

#15 RE: vs .45| (3-0) by Million 02.03.2014 17:14

Wat someone still play this game ? :O


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