#1 Cube 2: Sauerbraten Application Template [Read before posting] by Joran 10.03.2014 16:50

If you want to join our team, read this carefully before posting your application.


1) You must have either TS3 or Discord. Download TS3 here.

We expect you...

     ... to be speaking English fluently, or at least try to.

... to be on our TS3/Discord channel.

... to be loyal and not apply for any other clan during this application.


We will decide about your fate in our private forum. Every clan member gets the chance to either vote F1 or F2. At least 75% of the votes should be F1 for you to get accepted.


Here is an application template. Use this on your application. Do not delete the questions, just add your answers behind them.

Your in game name (mention all aliases used in the past):

Playing Sauerbraten since:
Clan history:

Favourite modes:
Favourite maps:

Were you invited by any member or was it your own idea:
Why you want to join rC:
A little about yourself:

Screenshots showing your skill level:

Feel free to add whatever you want.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them. You can reach us on #rc on irc.gamesurge net.

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