#1 vs !s] (3-2) by Vanquish 16.03.2014 15:10


.rC|: Joran, Jorik, Hutch, Vanquish, C4rma
!s]: Potato, Hades, Awesome-o, Nighty

I don't have the screens for these games either, I'll try to find them x)

Firstly, gz to Hades + Nighty on getting in

C4/Hutch/Joran played ectf reissen, and they lost 4-2.

Me and Nighty joined, and we tied ictf dust2, 3-3 or 4-4 (btw awesome-o lived up to his name this game, almost as many frags as me and 2 flags ermagerd).

Then Jorik came and subbed Hutch, and we won ectf forge 7-2.

Then C4 + Awesome-o had to go, and so we played a 3v3, me/Joran/Jorik, vs Hades/Potato/Nighty, and we won ectf forgotten 10-1.

ggs, screens will come later

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