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    • whopxer has written a new post "vs -dyH| (2-0)" 09.19.2013

      Let me first say that I am done raging at your clan, but I would like to personally put an end to this. Resteasy, of course was a hacker, wasn't CBL at the time and honestly when we accepted him, I had no idea it was him. When I found out, we had an agreement to leave him in and when he hacked, he was automatically kicked.
      I promise I did not edit your post, the only reason I found these posts was because Million sent me a PM on the AC forums last night so I had no reason to edit your profile till now.( which I didn't) I thought Fred liked you and all so maybe he thought it was a joke or something. The other time I used the modified client was in a gema server. If you really are gonna say I cheat in a gema server then go for it.

    • whopxer has written a new post "vs -dyH| (2-0)" 09.19.2013

      Vanquish, I did no such thing on our forums so your gonna have to find out who did it yourself.(It is probably Fred). Honestly, when have I cheated twice? That is my question. Your information is wrong.

      "Well well well, dear Hosta, I think I have some great news to announce you. After the amount of time & efforts you put in to rejoin our team, you proved us that you definitely deserve to be part of the team.
      We are a team of players, but more than this, a group of friends, and we forgive your mistakes even though we do not forget (don't do it again you nabcake).

      We are more than happy to welcome you back in the team, and hope you will then stay forever among us.

      - The .rC| team."
      You guys say you don't accept cheating, it sure looks like you do. Sorry to quote you DamDam, thanks for understanding why I came here. I don't really care why Shield was blacklisted. In response to all the comments, Sorry for my raging last night, I will take things more from a professional stand point and hopefully we could actually get somewhere.

    • whopxer has written a new post "vs -dyH| (2-0)" 09.19.2013

      Sorry this forum is weird.

      Let me start off by saying you guys are all faggot people that jump to conclusions without even getting the truth and many of you are excheaters and should have no room to judge.

      "Don't play against whopxer, he's removed his mapmodels."
      I have already gotten asked by .rC| to play me in clan matches. Today was one of them.

      "Adding to that, he connected with a cheat client a few weeks ago on public servers, I think it's safe to say that he's a fucking spastic."
      Let me correct you by saying SERVER*. I wasn't even in the server with the modified client for more than 3 minutes. Fuck you man, look at the demo. There is a reason that I was not CBL. Even Medusa, the person that blacklisted me, removed me from her blacklist. Does that not say anything about me not cheating. I do not deny I didn't use a modified client and please, please, please watch the demo. There is no hacks there at all.

      "Inevitably he was trying to show his teammates how to do it as well, but forgot to delete the files from the (may I add, public) ts3 browser."
      Once again, I do not know if you got my PM's Vanquish, but I was showing one of my clan mates how to put in the corrected fences. [IT WON"T LET ME POST LINK] . If I was removing them, you would easily notice because I could just walk right through them.

      "So u are coming back to AC just to have "fun"? Thinking that nobody would ever notice?"
      Who gives a shit why I came back to AC. Its basically impossible to leave. I left for over 6 months so props to me. I have never played you since I came back so why the fuck would you notice anything.

      "Apping to MyS, cancelling your app cus u are not good enough. Starts dyH again, but u are still shit, then starts modifying your game to get illegal and unfair advantages because you cannot win a fair game? Or have you always been doing this? "
      My reason for closing my app was a perfect reason and I was not good enough to join MyS. It is honestly none of your business Yopa. You are honestly a fuckin idiot that can't even spell anything. I started dyH again because some of the past members wanted to with me. This was the ultimate reason for closing my app and it was a damn good one. Guess what, I don't care what my skill level is, I try to play this game to the best of my ability and I appreciate you for the the remarks on my bad skill. how the fuck is my modified client giving me unfair and illegal advantages when I used it once in a public server once for 3 minutes. You can easily tell when I use it because it has a different client number.

      ""Was spectating xemi" my ass. Start playing fair before u are accusing others"
      Yes I did, that I why I got the modified client in the first place. To watch Xemi's demos. I even posted it on the AC forums if you remember of all the times of suspected cheats. I am sure some of you could refresh yopa because he is a retard and obviously doesn't know shit. I am sorry I thought that Xemi cheating. I will admit, I was probably wrong and paranoid at the time but I know Xemi has cheated before, he has in private servers and even Jamz mentioned it on the forum thread that I posted about Xemi.

      "It's just retards grabbing anything they can as an advantage to enhance their fragging skills + penis size to avoid their online egos from getting smashed to bits and pieces. Sure, some of our members were accused of doing similar things, but the fact is we value fair play, and we cringe with shame. Funny how it's always the bad players looking for ways to improve their skills without actually playing the game, whatever."
      Even you admit yourself, your own clan does this shit. fair play my ass. One of your members actually just cheated and you guys considered accepting him back, how does that make you guys look to "value fair play". Lets be honest, I am not a bad player. I am not an elite player either. I used to beat rC back in the day and yes, most if not all of you are better than me now but you guys are one of the strongest clans in the game. If I were cheating to get better, I would have used it in matches and I never did and I am ashamed for using it for the 3 minutes that I did.

      Lastly, whether you play with me or not, I could give two shits. I don't even see you guys anyways due to timezones. I didn't want to come in here raging but you guys went out of your way to trash talk on me and my reasons for doing things. So fuck you all for judging, honestly, your clan should be the last one to judge anyone because you guys are a bunch of excheaters. BB fuckers

    • whopxer has written a new post "Xemi application" 08.31.2012

      ResTEasY has only been using that name for some time now and that is the name Jamz said he was using when you guys started hacking in a private server so stop exaggerating and just tell the truth. Your lies are surrounding you mate. I am guessing ResTEasY, Slayer, and you all hacked after we kicked ResTEasY from dyH.

    • whopxer has written a new post "Xemi application" 08.31.2012

      nice jokes man, we asked you about the private server and you denied to many times to ImC and I. We new it happened. To prove it happened we asked jamz and of course the PM says that you were caught cheating in a private server. You denied ever cheating straight to my face in ts3. Then the pm came and you changed your story.

    • whopxer has written a new post "Xemi application" 08.31.2012

      lol don't make me sound like the bad guy who came here and terrorized his app. I was brought into this by Striker and his post. I would have never seen this if the 45 clan did not send me a pm on our forums. I am here just to stick up for myself. Like I already said, I am done blacklisting him. Spent to much time trying to. I did not come here to attack rC just to tell you that I was not "detective". I may stop trying to blacklist him but I will never play with him. I'm sure you can understand this.

    • whopxer has written a new post "Xemi application" 08.31.2012

      Im saying someone can be hacking and not be blacklisted. Im tired of you have no proofs and shit. Jamz did call him a player that is happy to hack. Striker is a hacker, once a hacker always a hacker so I did not put any words into anyones mouth.

    • whopxer has written a new post "Xemi application" 08.31.2012

      I have done enough reviewing. Maybe its your guys turn. I have sent the proof. I never angled my first post at the clan. Just to come here to tell striker to leave me out of this. He obviously wanted me to come here and post something from the post. Like I said in the first post, I am done with this. We sent proof and none of it is good enough. Look at Fury for example, everybody thought he wallhacked in the demo but nobody could actually blacklist him. It doesn't mean Fury is clean though.

    • whopxer has written a new post "Xemi application" 08.31.2012

      and ShadowFlameZ, I was done with it, Striker brought me into this by accusing me of being Detective.
      ResTEasY was a hacker yes. After he was caught hacking, we of course kicked him out of the clan. He cheated for one game and Jamz said so himself. We firgured out that ResTEasY got a new ip address so ImC and I gave the new ip address so it could be blacklisted. Striker was yelling at ImaCripple for blacklisting ResTEasY's new ip. Also shadowz name words that I put into somebodys mouth. I never once said Jamz said he cheats. I said we have proof that he cheated but Jamz said it wasn't enough and that he doubts even we could get enough evidence. I said Jamz says that he is happy to cheat and that he has cheated before. So stop putting words into my mouth. Have a good day.

    • whopxer has written a new post "Xemi application" 08.31.2012

      ok so you guys willingly accept liers and ex cheaters?

    • whopxer has written a new post "Xemi application" 08.30.2012

      Fuck off man, I don't want to be involved in this anymore. Striker you are picking up a lot of enemies. I have no idea who Detective is but I am certain I have talked to him before. I am done blacklisting you. dyH got all the proof, we gave it to jamz. Assault Cube just can't blacklist somebody for full evidence that we gave. I encourage anyone to wallhack, you will never get caught,

    • whopxer has created the topic "Hello". 08.28.2012

    • whopxer has written a new post "Xemi application" 08.28.2012

      good Luck

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