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    • Shnuggle has written a new post "hobbies and random stuff" 09.11.2015

      Ooooh I like this!! Alrighty, I'll go next!

      So at the tender age of 19 years old I'm currently studying MORSE (basically Mathematics and Statistics) at Warwick Uni. This is a genuine hobby of mine and I love the work I do

      Aside from that and sauer I take an interest in mindset. Control of emotions and our thoughts. It is said that our actions are based on our mindset and our beliefs. The theory is if we can have the mindset and hold similar beliefs to men of success, then we may become successful in life as well. I consider myself a pretty controversial guy. Not just to argue or for the attention but because I have seen that success comes from those who do not listen to the masses.

      I work at a cinema serving popcorn to overweigh 13 year old girls and selling tickets to greasy film fanatics. It's a really fun job, despite my complaints about who we serve :p

      Right now, I'm interested in teaching myself the ways of investment. Particularly two fields: Investment banking and real estate investment. I have come to learn the true depth of knowledge there is inside the world of finance and I'm excited to learn about them every day!

      I have some interest in bodybuilding diets and workouts but I haven't quite got to the stage where I'm actually working out :p

      As for sports. Trampolining is my main thing Along with pretty much every racket sport invented i.e Table tennis, badminton, tennis but NOT squash! They're mostly just a fun interest of mine and I only commit to practising trampolining weekly. (Yea, I'm not actually that sporty :p)

      I'm a book worm who doesn't like fiction. I prefer reading non-fiction, how-to books. I believe that our brain is our greatest asset and if we truly want to take care of anything, it should be our mind.

      While at Uni I'm not all about learning and education. I'm an extroverted introvert.. (If that makes any sense. Basically I love socialising and being the centre of attention, but I'm a relatively shy guy :3) I love clubbing with friends and being that guy who busts out his epic drunk dance moves! I guess you could also say I love cooking and baking :3 It's a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine When at Uni I would bake brownies, cookies, cupcakes and what-not every week for my flat mates. It was a great way of giving back to my friends after they've given me many wonderful memories of stupid nights out and days doing something fun.

      I'm all about making memories. When I plan a day out, I don't want it just to be wandering around town and grabbing a Cheeky Nandos but rather travelling to different cities and doing something exciting like laser quest or hiking around beautiful mountains (More like hills in this country though). Life isn't long enough to be bored half the time! Do something that you love (You can tell I'm that naive guy who's still "discovering himself" :3)

      Anyways. Enough vanity from me If you've read it all, thank you very much Look forward to reading everyone else's posts as well!

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "Partizan is applying " 07.18.2015

      Hey Parti!

      So recently there has been a lot of activity regarding your application. We definitely took it seriously as you were a very potential candidate with beautiful skill as well as good integration with the rest of the community. You're a fairly likeable guy who's easy going with most things and definitely at the start of your app we were all saying the same thing "I like him, he's skilled and friendly". The reason your application took so long is mostly due to the attitude problem with raging and annoying a lot of people about how you did so bad. This is NOT something we want in the clan. Despite most of us being students of Universities and schools we are proud of our non-aggressive, friendly and calm reputation. When someone joins a server with rC members they expect friendly hello's and civil chat. This kind of personality makes us approachable by both regulars and newer players alike. It brings nervous and new players to ease and we definitely want to keep this going.

      I'm afraid to say that we feel you lack this level of maturity and respect for others. We don't want it in the clan and so it is with shame that we say your application has been REJECTED.

      As mentioned before. You can be a really nice guy and we would encourage that you re-apply in the future if you feel like you've matured and managed to keep that sassy attitude at bay

      I hope I've given the attention that your application deserves as it was definitely a tough choice. But our decision has been finalised. We wish you GOOD LUCK for any future endeavours you may have.

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "Partizan is applying " 07.13.2015

      Yo. So to keep things going some decisions have been made and some talk has been made throughout your application process. We are still discussing the viability of your application and there's definitely no stagnation if you're wondering

      We would like to collectively emphasise on your raging. Whilst some can tolerate a bad mouth most of us really are looking to see an improvement in your attitude. Think of it this way, no one gives a fuck how well you do except yourself. So keep it to yourself. This isn't meant to be a wake-up call or harsh words but rather just the reality of the situation and a suggestion of how to control that pent up anger that we know all too well when having a bad game.

      Depending on what happens; your application may take another few days, or it could take a few weeks. It's up to you. Skill is no longer a problem for us. Please put 100% effort into keeping calm and 0% effort into proving yourself. You're good enough already. We know you can get 100+ in effic. We know you like getting 30% in your effic duels. And more importantly we understand your high expectations, but please be patient and I assure you that your game will improve.

      As Donal Trump once said (paraphrased): When shit gets tough. Sit tight and wait for things to get better.

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "Partizan is applying " 07.05.2015

      Submit it to the sauerworld team!!! Looks great man!!

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "Partizan is applying " 06.30.2015

      Okay Parti. Pretty much everyone in the clan is on the same page. We like you're skill and there's little more to prove to us. What we're concerned about is your maturity. Raging MUST STOP. Acting like a child at the end of a game MUST STOP. What I care about and what most of us are probably wanting is a happy, progressive attitude that says "Shit, well I hope to do better next time". Of course some annoyed mumbles are fine.. an ffs, an OMG is what everyone would do including ourselves. But having an entire conversation talking about your 10 minutes of below average gameplay (ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'RE ALREADY THE HIGHEST FRAGGER!) MUST STOP.

      Your application is promising skill wise. Please start working on attitude. If it's a bad game then fine, just say "Hmm.. I was hoping to do better. Maybe rematch in the future?" (Feel free to add some smiley faces).

      We're all waiting to make our decisions, please make them easier for us

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "hadis iz applying" 06.26.2015

      You can absolutely continue to improve. Possibly the reason why some may think they plateau whilst genuinely trying is because they fail to recognise that improvement in non-linear. There will be times where you are improving day by day and there will be times where it will take a month to break past the barriers and even then the improvement is barely recognisable. We blame it on things we can't control such as our focus and our equipment. Equipment is a very minor part in your performance. Similar to how little a tennis racket will change a professional tennis player's performance.

      There may be a limit to how quickly you can react and how fast and accurate your cognitive abilities allows you to twitch that mouse to a successful shot. (I still believe there are ways to improve these cognitive limits - see Binaural Beats). But you can most definitely improve your style and improve adapting your style to other opponents. For Team-Based modes I'd argue these tactics are even more important and more dynamic. Player awareness, awareness of opponents health and awareness of your opponents skill and how much they can handle vs other opponents etc etc etc....

      Simply write down everything you observe. You learn a lot. (Yes, I've done this before).

      Good luck... **hades**

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "hadis iz applying" 06.26.2015

      Hey Hades. You should read my post to partizan on his application. Similar stuff to what I would like to say to you as well. And especially emphasis on ego. With a big ego we consider ourselves too good to be taught from others. This slows our improvement and we plateau. Definitely do not want this!

      Good luck

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "Partizan is applying " 06.26.2015

      We also don't have any applicant tag :p It looks weird and confuses people. Don't worry, people will know you're our applicant.

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "Partizan is applying " 06.26.2015

      Hey Parti. Nice to see another applicant! Make sure you see us on TeamSpeak and get as many games with us as possible to make the application process as speedy as possible

      One thing I would say we are proud of is the maturity of this clan despite our young age. When you play you drop your ego, you forget proving yourself, you ignore showing others what you can do and focus on yourself. There's never a bad game since every game lost is a lesson that you're not invincible. It's an opportunity to do better. After each game you should write down what you fucked up and what you did well. If you're not sure ask us, we've probably all had a similar problem and we love teaching what we know. Focus on really improving and no more "I suck" excuses. I want real and fast improvement. I know you're already fairly good but improving should be something that never stops. You should always be getting better and better (non-linearly, of course, but still definite forward improvement).

      Good luck!

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "banned from ssl" 06.20.2015

      And that is how we roll!! Very well done Blushie, so proud :'). Also super glad that this was resolved and as much as what I'd love to wave my beautiful round bottom in the face of all the haters... I shall remain civil and friendly with the doubters and simply write off their harsh accusations as a silly mistake.


      This is going to be hard :p

      Anyways, can't wait to see you guys whip some sauer rifles! Good luck tomorrow

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "banned from ssl" 06.19.2015

      If this is for the competition on Sunday this week I'll be arriving then and should be able to fill in any places if this ban hasn't come around by the time. Hopefully it'll be sorted before and I'll be able to cheer you guys on during the games!!

      Posted a comment as well about this ban. Fortunately the SSL admins are the most rational and reasonable of players in sauer and hoping it'll be handled quickly and justly.

      Also remember Hades was willing to leave the clan and join rC if we proved Blushie was innocent... Can't wait to reject his application

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "Tribu... The One and Only" 03.27.2015

      Hey, nice to see another one applying We'll be around! Have some games, join us on IRC and TS, fuck shit up and frag noobs. Good luck

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "App" 03.25.2015

      I think it's Skillz, deluxe :p

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "App" 03.23.2015

      Hey Man, so we're looking for opportunities to have you participate in our clanwars and get some team building on the go. That means coming on ts when a cw is possible and seeing how good communication is when it comes to a serious game

      As a personal note, I love the fact you're into insta. It's kind of a rarity these days <3

      Your effic is great as well, especially in ctf games but I know it can be better! Make sure to get some good effic duels, and trying to get that accuracy and kills to a sexy number

      Other than that, you're a wonderful applicant to have Much love and keep those frags going

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "App" 03.20.2015

      Hey man!! Good luck with your application! Glad to see you've applied

      Forgot if this has been mentioned, but we encourage you to visit us on ts, IRC and have as many games with us as you can. Because we love them duels and mix's

      See you on the battlefield!!

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "#TheDress" 03.04.2015

      I could have sworn the dress was white and gold!!! But when I looked at it from a really large angle it appeared blue and black...

      I think that means I'm more of a night owl than a day time monkey

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "if you need a fap" 09.22.2014

      It's not blocked for me Vanq :p But don't worry... I wouldn't say there's any gems, just the same as what you last posted :p

    • Shnuggle has written a new post "Happy Birthdaaaay Shnuggle" 06.10.2014


      Making me feel all special and warm and fuzzy inside now :333

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